Let the Urban Camper Project by Chieh-Ting Huang Light Up Your Life

The end of warm summer nights doesn't mean having to give up friendly campfire gatherings, as proven by the Chieh-Ting Huang 'Urban Camper' project. Using wood, paper and other natural fibers, the U.K.-based artist created four lamp models, each recreating and symbolizing a part of nature found in an average outdoor camping experience.

"Aiming to create an urban camping experience, people can gather around the campfire and celebrate the beauty and the brightness that lighting brought to us," explains Huang on his website. The lanterns not only act as great conversation pieces, but are a wonderfully warm design touch to any modern abode.

Chieh-Ting Huang's Urban Camper project is featured in the 2011 London Design Festival, which runs from Sept. 17 to Sept. 25. This is one exhibition I'd hate to miss, as it's full of pieces I'd love to have in my own living room.