- Oct 27, 2014
With Halloween days away, there is still time to transform your home with items from this spooky decor list. Standouts from the cluster of home accessories include skull-shaped chair furnishings and accent illuminators along with DIY pumpkins that will scare neighbours who dare to walk past your door.

Whether you're celebrating a horror-themed party or ensuring that your doorstep looks ready for trick-or-treaters, you're sure to make a statement with any of these spooky decor items.

From sleek and artful objects to inexpensive DIY projects, this list of spooky decor items is sure to include plenty of options for the design enthusiast with an appreciation for Halloween. The spooky autumn holiday is just around the corner and these decorative items will make it an affair to remember.

From Skull Light Fixtures to Horror-Themed Seating Sculptures: