Artist Brian Demski Creates Spooky Skeleton Art

Eerie art-maker Brian Demski creates spooky skeleton art that's guaranteed to haunt viewers. These frightening sculptures seem like steampunk pieces, but with a nightmarish twist. Demski displays skulls baring hideous teeth, and suspends them from ceiling hooks in his freaky sculpture series.

One of Demski's scary creations features a tiny skeleton springing out from a wooden box, like a Tim Burton-style Jack-in-the-box. Another of these disturbing skeletal artworks seems to be bowing, like a little gentleman. These ghoulish pieces are hard to look away from.

These pieces might seem a little morbid at first glance, but they're visually intriguing. These artworks turn death into sculptures to be marvelled at. Some of Demski's skeletons are actually quite charming. These steampunk skeletons (some of which are covered in clock gears) are both unsettling and imaginative.