This Repurposed Doll by L.Cerrito will Haunt your Halloween

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: etsy
Salvage artist L.Cerrtio has re-purposed a vintage baby doll to serve as some serious Halloween decor. The original porcelain face of the doll has been embellished with epoxy, acrylic paints and other textiles to morph it into a frightening and haunting creature.

No longer an innocently smiling infant, Cerrito's creation seems to be staring right at you out of its disfigured head, as though the doll can actually see you. The cracked and discolored skin gives the doll the appearance of having gone through some traumatic fire and now it is back to haunt you -- or at least, to freak your trick-or-treaters out.

Imagine how scared your party guests will be when they come across this horrifying Halloween decoration.