This Ghost Lamp Shade Will Bring a Little Spookiness to Any Room

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: fancy
Let your inner spookiness out with this ghost lamp shade light. With is glowing aura, you will feel like your room is haunted by a tiny little ghost that sits on your light.

The shade very closely resembles the ghosts from 'Pac-Man' and the LEGO ghost figure. You will be able to relive those childhood memories. If you were one of the kids that never had a LEGO ghost figure then this lamp is close substitute for missing out on that experience.

This energy efficient lamp makes for the perfect reading lamp during the day. When the night sets in it becomes a spooky, yet friendly nightlight. The nightlight effects of the lamp last for up to 10 hours which means children will get a good night's sleep with their spook ghost pal watching over them.