The 'Pool' Skull Chair Gives the Backyard a Boo Factor

If your lawn is lacking some luster, the 'Pool' Skull Chair is definitely one way to spice up your deck decor.

At first glance, the 'Pool' Skull Chair appears to be your average plastic poolside chair; however, it is actually constructed out of fiberglass, making it very durable and easy to clean. The other notable feature of this frightening furniture piece is its design. The holes in the chair are strategically placed to resemble facial features. The entire chair actually looks like a giant skull.

This 'Pool' Skull Chair is perfect for haunting Halloween parties or simply for your lawn. This satanic seat will definitely ward away nosy neighbors.

Implications - Consumers have abandoned crowd-conforming styles and are instead seeking to stand apart from the crowd. They desire products that have unusual designs or functions that will enable them to portray their personal styles. Companies can appeal to these expressive target markets by manufacturing products with atypical designs in limited quantities.