- Feb 12, 2014
Tattoos and skin go hand in hand, but inked designs are also being integrated into more unconventional, non-human surfaces as well.

While it’s easy enough to simulate the look of a tattoo, some of these objects were tattooed with needles, just as you’d actually apply a tattoo as you would to skin. The effect is authentic, unique and long-lasting, just like a real tattoo. There are several great examples of this that can be seen in everything from fashion to furniture and branding, like the choice of a latex packaging for J&B Scotch Whisky, which allowed it to be authentically inked like real skin.

Footwear brand Oliver Sweeney is another great example, since it invited its customers to purchase one of its iconic tan-colored shoes and have them tattooed with something completely personal and unique by renowned tattoo artist Henry Hate.

From Tattooed Timber Chairs to Tattooed Bottle Branding: