Chandelier 30 by Novikov A. Fastens Cords for a Dramatic Fixture

 - May 26, 2011
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A light fixture is essentially the presentation of a cluster of lightbulbs, and however unconventional, Chandelier 30 by Novikov A. fulfills this criteria.

The unique decorative piece suspends delicately from a single cord but splits into a mess of wires, each with a bright globe on the end. Taking on a rather industrial appearance with its exaggerated expression of functional elements, the pendant lamp is a quirky contemporary object fit for decorating modern interiors.

The symbolism behind the Chandelier 30 by Novikov A. extends beyond the material honesty, and suggests the occasion which brought it to light. The illuminating entanglement counts 30 lightbulbs which signify the number of years for which its owners have been married. This piece was a custom gift from the designer.