The WT 12 Lamp Emits a Softness Despite its Hard Exterior

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: designspotter &
There was a period during which the novelty of concrete had worn off and it became seen as a brutal material with few redeeming aesthetic features. But thanks to lovers of modern architecture, that era has begun to pass, and objects like the WT 12 Lamp become more appealing to contemporary tastes.

The unusual form of the weighty table lamp was not arbitrarily set, but rather influenced by a 1924 Bauhaus fixture called the WG 24 light by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. It incorporates an incomplete spherical lampshade, a stocky cylindrical shaft and a broad and sturdy base. From the single image released so far, it seems that the WT 12 Lamp emulates the exact composition of volumes with a much greater mass. It's not glass and metal, but the polished cement mixture takes the most intriguing texture.