- Apr 22, 2014
For anyone whose inspired by the weather and would like to bring more of that outside world into the home, these cloud-inspired furniture pieces would be perfect to upgrade that living room. From whimsical nebula lighting to cumulus-like sofas, these pieces of furniture can turn anyone's abode into a full-on weather room.

The Nubilo Sofa for example comes in either a monochromatic form or colored version, and its pillows and overall shape make it look like a fluffy cloud. There's nothing more inviting to curl up on after a long day of work than a sofa resembling a fluffy cloud. It's the closest thing users will get to sleeping on one of these rain-producing weather phenomenons, which personally sounds like one of the comfiest objects in the world!

From Whimsical Nebula Lighting to Billowy Bubble Chairs: