Chrysalide Lamps are Caricatures of their Classic Counterparts

 - Apr 22, 2011
References: chrysalide-edition & trendir
Certain rooms in a house ask for traditional decor, but playful contemporary spaces can be enhanced with the lighthearted inclusion of Chrysalide lamps. Mimicking the form of antique fixtures, Chrysalide Lamps pieces like Mimi and Alice embody the silhouette of table lamps with lampshades. Flattening the idea behind the aesthetics of a light, the delightful duo emit energy-efficient LED bulbs in quite an unexpected way.

The Nuage models offer a different symbolic appeal, representing clouds and the concept of natural lighting. The ceiling and standing lamps are back-lit and give off a gentle glow with a shadow of their white fluffy forms against the roof. Albeit very simplified, the Chrysalide lamps have a charm that results from their consideration of where one acquires light.