Cloud Lamps by Gabi Malacha Bring Lighthearted Delight to the Room

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Many would prefer a bright sunny day to an overcast one, but there's something quite lovely about the big fluffy white clouds that float through the delightful blue sky. These Cloud Lamps by Gabi Malacha embody that same billowing charm, sculpted to mimic the round puffy contours of atmospheric condensation in an adorable iconic way.

The collection includes three different models of lamps in two sizes. The larger make great floor lamps while the smaller, with its stubby stilts, can be placed upon the bedside table. Each piece is constructed of a hard translucent material which diffuses the glow of internal lightbulbs to make the entire object glow. Cloud Lamps by Gabi Malacha have been conceived in a white, a pink and a red, casting a warm radiance throughout a child's charming bedroom.