The Nuvol Lamp is an Acrylic Cloud Designed for Relaxation

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: kutarq & tuvie
The Nuvol Lamp is a throwback to the good old days when "the cloud" actually meant "clouds." Designed by Kutarq Studio, Nuvol is a suspended light fixture created in the shape of a cloud. This was done purposefully, as clouds are often symbols of calm and relaxation.

The light that emits from the acrylic lamp is soft and comes out in varying hues. Kutarq Studio has even suggested stringing a few Nuvol Lamps together to create a sort of functional cloud front located right in your home. Nowadays, lamps and lights of all sorts are being tweaked to have added functionality and to be more eye-appealing. In the case of the Nuvol Lamp, it works as a light and can also double as a functional piece of art.