The Nebula 12 Literally Replicates Weather from the Desired Region Indoors

 - Nov 26, 2012
References: thenebulaproject &
The Nebula 12, a concept developed by the Micasa LAB in Zurich, Switzerland, is an intelligent light that syncs with meteorological data, which allows it to be able to bring the weather from the outside into your home.

Using WiFi and a combination of liquid nitrogen and water, the end result is a circulating steam cloud that mimics the outside clouds, fog, mist and other weather conditions. Aside from rain and snow, the Nebula 12 lamp can also mimic different intensities of sunlight, depending on the time of day, in conjunction with the clouds. The best part of the Nebula 12, aside from its beautiful weather-mimicking capabilities, is that it can be set to replicate weather of any region so long as the user sets it to that city or country.