- Sep 30, 2014
With improved insulation in homes, it's worth familiarizing yourself with these weather apps to help you ensure that you're prepared for whatever you confront upon going outdoors. A peek through the window can tell you if it's cloudy, stormy or bright blue and sunny, but temperature and impending changes are useful to know too.

You can easily consult one of many smartphone apps that will tell you the basic data about the outside world on a particular day, but perhaps you have more specific interests in mind. These wonderful weather apps can do everything from make stylish wardrobe suggestions and hairstyle recommendations, to informing you of travel destinations' conditions and the long-term effects of climate change. Keep up to date with the hottest meteorological statistics through the creative use of color visualizations, infographics and interactive interfaces.

From Fashion-Focused Forecasts to Globetrotter Temperature Predictions: