The How's Your Hair App Keeps Your Appearance in Mind

 - Apr 18, 2014
References: gabwhite & refinery29
The How's Your Hair app delivers your weather news in relation to how it'll effect your tresses. Hallelujah! You can now plan your styling routine around the elements, making bad hair days a nightmare of the past.

The app is simple to use: just plug in your location and instantly receive stats on the state of the sky, wind velocity and humidity levels, as well as an accompanying recommendation on how to plan accordingly. For example, it might say something like,"The wind is blowing at 39km/hour, hold onto your f***ing hat!" or "Tomorrow looks like Rain: don't bother straightening your hair tonight."

By downloading the How's Your Hair app, you'll ensure you'll never have to curse the hair gods for your sad, frizzy fate ever again.