The Sunnycomb App Creates Weather the Way You Want to See It

 - May 3, 2014
References: sunnycomb & techcrunch
The Sunnycomb app tries to predict how each day's weather will make you feel. Although there are plenty of weather apps on the market these days, they all do the same thing. The Sunnycomb app benefits from its connection to Weathernews Inc (WNI), which is one of Japan's top weather apps.

Sunnycomb is hoping to attract attention to those who just check the weather quickly for an easy forecast update, but who also want a more in-depth look into what they weather says about the rest of the week.

Included in the app is a map view. As well, the Sunnycomb app has an automatic translator so you can read the weather reports from around the world to. Sunnycomb's mood diary lets you keep a record on how you feel and then it aggregates data from other users as well to predict your feelings about the temperature and humidity.