Stay Warm This Fall with These Handy Devices

 - Sep 19, 2012
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The only thing worse than watching the warm summer months turn into angry clouds of gray is being stuck outside in an all-out downpour. Some may combat this issue of severe rainstorms by cursing at the sky in fury, but this sudden release of anger will only go so far. To keep your hair in-tact and those around you free from vulgar language, be prepared for all conditions with these weather-ready gadgets. Although you may be unaware of an impending cloud of doom, a number of devices will keep you covered.

Walking around on a fall day can be full of cool breezes and sunshine, making for an amazing outing with friends and family. However, that previously planned picnic can quickly turn into a day of horror if the weather isn’t checked with utmost diligence. For those who like to know first thing in the morning what their day will look like and plan ahead, the Samsung Galaxy S III will let you know right after your wake-up alarm sounds. This unique feature automatically follows soothing music to jolt you from your dreams, and tells users exactly what the weather gods have in store for the day ahead.

Although some carry their smartphone with them like a second lifeline, others prefer a gadget with a slightly bigger screen. The Google Nexus 7 provides this larger interface, and will also keep you dry during the fall and winter seasons. By no means am I suggesting you use this gadget as an umbrella, but instead you can use the Google Now feature to convey all the information necessary to start your day, weather included. This quality lets you know exactly what to expect from the clouds on a crisp fall morning, as well as any traffic jams that could cramp your style. You may not have a picnic planned, but arriving on time with dry hair to that dream job interview is still just as important. The Google Nexus 7 offers all users this feature on the perfect sized screen.

Some days, despite checking the weather multiple times on these trusty gadgets, it becomes inevitable that your day will be spent inside. Instead of looking at this as a bad thing, try taking this time to stay warm with the Macbook Pro with Retina Display. With a picture so sharp and focused, that beach you see in the latest summer blockbuster will feel a lot closer than you think. Crank up the heat and dive into your favorite tropical-themed classics, and the last thing you’ll remember is the rain pattering down outside.

After your day spent cozying up inside to your computer with a screen so clear it looks too good to be true, you take out your phone to check the weather for the following day. Although traditional weather apps have been great thus far, you are now looking for something with that extra kick of visuals. The Partly Cloudy app offers the forecast in a much more aesthetically pleasing manner. Like an infographic, the app arranges the information like a picture, displaying the information in way that’s easy to read and great to look at.

While getting caught in the rain is great for those stuck in a romantic film, most people prefer staying dry over becoming soaked. Having these weather-ready gadgets on hand can make or break your day, so keep them close and stay warm during the cooler fall months.