The USB Touch-Sensitive Lamp with Mini Speakers is Multifunctional

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: usb.brando & 7gadgets
Multipurpose items are always appreciated, especially when the products are technologically useful, which is when the USB Touch-Sensitive Lamp comes in. The light fixture looks like a simple desk lamp that accompanies you while reading or doing paper work, but the lamp is also a cleverly disguised portable speaker.

The USB Touch-Sensitive Lamp has a rechargeable battery and lets you plug in iPods, MP3, MP4, MD and CD players, notebooks, PCs, PDAs, PSPs, mobile phones and other digital products to play music.

Better yet, the touch-sensitive lamp is also a light dimmer. So not only can you turn the lamp on or off with a simple touch, you can also control how bright the light is.

Dare I say it, this may be the most convenient product you will ever have on your desk.