- Nov 27, 2014
Whether alleviating physical or mental pain, these therapy innovations will help one get on the path of healing. Some memorable examples from this list include products that are intended for light and water therapy along with virtual reality simulators that are designed to fight PTSD symptoms.

In the case of Troy Hudson's light therapy glasses, the shades emit beams of simulated sunlight to help fight seasonal affective disorder. The glasses help combat mood swings and are said to lessen depressive feelings.

On the other hand, products like the Float Cap and Support help one achieve complete relaxation while participating in a water therapy session. This product aims to eliminate muscle pains and tension and is a great idea for athletes who are recovering from an injury.

In terms of other therapy innovations, the University of Southern California's Bravemind system creates a 360 degree, virtual simulator for PTSD sufferers who are encouraged to face their worst fears head on. When in the simulator, most participants have realized that their fear is more damaging in their mind than it is when re-enacted, leading to closure and recovery in many cases.

Lastly, PulseRelief by Philips features the use of "transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation" technology. The wireless device is worn on the body and will deliver electric pulses to provide users with temporary relief of muscle aches, back tension and body cramps.

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