The Dstretch Helps You Straighten Out Your Aches and Pains at the Office

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
Working at a desk all day is no hard labor, but it does take a toll on your body. With many people spending more time tied to their swivel chairs, something like the Dstretch is becoming ever more necessary to maintain flexibility and optimal mobility.

Think of it as a clever piece of in-office gym equipment, not designed to have you break a sweat, but ideal for wringing out those awful muscle knots and for keeping your limbs limber. The larger form of the Dstretch takes the subtle shape of the letter D, while the lower platform assumes a flattened circle. A range of straight and curving surfaces invite a number of positions to reset your spine, neck, hips and more. A team of student designers including Marie Claire Cremona and Marianne Camilleri even outfitted the Dstretch with soft fabric for comfy cushioning.