Fire Dragon Therapy Literally Sets Patients on Fire

Fire Dragon Therapy is yet another exotic Eastern treatment that literally sets patients on fire. Yet instead of feeling excruciating pain and smelling the burning of flesh, they are greeted with a comforting warmth and release of tension that could very well be better than a massage. Granted, the kneading of muscles cannot be matched.

Originating from Tibet, Fire Dragon Therapy is particularly beneficial to people with chronic pain conditions, functional disorders and/or a variety of stress related illnesses. It is touted as curing depression, diarrhea, indigestion and infertility amongst other mental and physical issues. Neatorama writes that "the fire therapy involves placing a 'fire rope' made from some 20 different Chinese herbs on the victim's, er patient's body. After covering the rope with a plastic wrap, two wet towels are placed on top. Then, alcohol is poured on top of the towels and an attendant set the whole thing on fire!"