DesignLibero's Mother of Pearl Design Tub Wraps Bathers Like a Pearl

The Mother of Pearl design from Milan-based DesignLibero is a gorgeous sculptural tub that provides the ultimate relaxing experience.

The organic shape of the tub was inspired by mother of pearls themselves and this is seen in the seashell-like shape of the tub, which cocoons bathers like a precious pearl. As part of the design, the faucet is completely concealed, so that the bathtub retains its streamlined shape and hardly seems like a traditional tub at all.

The Mother of Pearl tub has a unique touch interface that enhances relaxation with lighting, sounds and aromatherapy scents that can be specified by the bather. On one side of the tub, there’s even a built-in spot for plants, which infuses bathrooms with air-purifying plants or flowers for an experience that’s truly rejuvenating.