From Pain Management Watches to Headache-Curbing Massagers

 - Nov 27, 2014
There are plenty of pain prevention tactics that don't involve prescription drugs or doctor's visits.

Suffer from chronic back pain? Re-occurring migraines? Unbearable period cramps? Whatever your malady may be, there is a way to monitor it, manage it and, in the best case scenario, prevent it from occurring, at least not as frequently or severely.

Be proactive about your health and take matters into your own hands with at-home devices or wearable technology, such as a pain management watch by designer Loris Bottello, which allows the wearer to monitor how much pain they're in, if any, so they can take the necessary steps to reduce or prevent it. Other examples of this technology include migraine-preventing headbands or hand-held acupuncture pens.