The Anti Nausea Band by Unikia Uses Acupuncture Methods

 - Jul 22, 2013
References: unikia & unikia
The Anti Nausea Band by Norwegian company Unikia takes a pointer from traditional Acupuncture remedy methods. The sweatband-like wrist strap presses on a certain pressure point of your wrist, preventing head aches. The continuous pressure on this specific point is proven to improve your overall health, curing negative symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

The concept is not intimidating because it doesn't require drugs or needles. Unlike the actual practice of acupuncture, the Anti Nausea Band will not be painful. The creators solely examined optimal acupuncture points to enhance blood flow, and apply pressure accordingly using a tightly worn bracelet. This simple medical aid is well thought out, but not costly or risky. It would be worth a try if you're uneasy about taking medication.