Cozy Up to an Infrared Heating Blanket to Ease Pain or Warm Up

 - Oct 23, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
The infrared heating blanket lets you snuggle up comfortably without the bulkiness of multiple layers. Aside from the lovely warmth, it also serves a therapeutic purpose. Powered with Far Infrared Ray heat, a technology that is said to encompass various health benefits such as promote blood flow and detoxification, the infrared heating blanket warms up the body evenly without hot spots.

Made of hypoallergenic fleece, the cover is big enough to cuddle up with in bed. The blanket is remote controlled and comes with four different heat settings. For those who don't like crawling into an icy cold bed in the winter, lay the infrared heating blanket between the mattress and the sheets before you start your evening routine. When you return, your bed will be nice and toasty, waiting for you.