Energyme Streetlights Promote Exercise and Eco Values

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: coroflot & ecofriend
The Western population is quite good at consuming and seldom expending but through concepts like these Energyme Streetlights, society can kill two birds with one stone. Physical exercise and energy consumption are major issues in cities and suburbs, and while they might seem at first to have little in common, this collection of inventions clearly proves otherwise.

Dido Studio has thought up a line of streetlamps that rely on kinetic energy to operate. By definition this power is derived from motion, and in this case, specifically from the movement of the human body. To harness the calories burned by passers-by, Energyme Streetlights invite the public to use elliptical machines, rowing machines and other athletic equipment that are integrated into the LED lampposts. People's activities provide enough energy to illuminate the outdoor fixtures, which congratulate each contribution with the user's power input.