PB Lamp by Dario Cavaliere Brings a Malleable Mobility to Illumination

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: behance.net
The rooms of a home are dynamic spaces, designed to permit circulation and a range of activities from corner to corner. The PB Lamp by Dario Cavaliere caters to the evolving environment and provides a portable source of light for the user.

It's difficult to know whether or not the designer had a plastic shopping bag in mind when he came up with the form for this object, but there is an apparent resemblance between the two. When viewed front-on, the iconic light fixture takes a bulging rectangular shape with an elliptical handle cut into the top.

The PB Lamp by Dario Cavaliere may look a touch heavier than it actually is since the back takes a concave form to push out the illuminated facade. These lower corners help to keep the piece balanced, making it easy to carry around and place down as a floor lamp or a table lamp.