The Crease Lamp by Simon Naouri has an Informally Endearing Appearance

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: simonnaouri & flodeau
It is interesting how tastes for design have changed over time, welcoming simplicity and clarity as the new sophistication, in place of the elaborate. The Crease Lamp by Simon Naouri fits into this category, perhaps more unexpectedly due to its casual composition.

Made of porcelain, the piece imitates a cloth bag belted with a leather cord. The relatively low materials that the lighting fixture seems to suggest are however manufactured using industrial techniques and precise computer modeling. Despite this, the delicate pleats in the neck of the sandbag-like table lamp are each unique, causing folds and curves in the white translucent surface that are different lengths and widths. The Crease Lamp by Simon Naouri would make a charming addition to a contemporary rustic interior.