From Fruity Lighting to Shaggy Lamps

 - Jul 28, 2011
Don't be left in the dark again with this list of illusive illuminators. If you're tired of those traditional rays of light hitting all surfaces of the house, these lights are sure to pump up the cool factor when it comes to decorating.

The shaggy lamp, for example, looks as though a mop of hair has been used to cover up the light for a unique effect. It's not often that you find threads of hair to stop excessive amounts of light from hitting a room. If that doesn't suit your fancy, the tilting lamp is only a slight alteration from traditional designs. Whether viewers want wacky designs or small changes, these illusive illuminators have features to please everyone!

Implications - With so many products saturating the market, many consumers are looking for a contemporary twist on traditional commodities. By making these slight alterations in a design, companies can appeal to this growing demographic looking to stand out through the purchases they make.