Project Energizing Neighborhoods Encourages Bus Riders to Feel the Burn

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: yankodesign
Project Energizing Neighborhoods is a multifunctional public bench that could forever change the way you view bus stops. Bharat Bhargava's design essentially turns bus stops into miniature sustainable gyms, letting you cycle while you wait for the next bus. The energy created by your cycling is stored in the bench and is used to light the above lamp when the lights go down in the city.

Project Energizing Neighborhoods would do more than just provide eco-friendly energy to street lamps, it would also improve the health of millions of people worldwide and encourage people to switch to public transit. Riding the bus is a lot cheaper than driving, but there is almost no other incentive to ditch your car, unless of course you care about the environment. If Project Energizing Neighborhoods were put into play more people would want to ride the bus as bus stops would provide them with a free place to get a quick burn. You can check out the many variations of Bhargava's design here, along with many more designs that run solely off of pedal power.