The Recycled Paper Lampshade by Ginkgo Studio Makes Use of Old Paper

 - May 24, 2011
References: etsy
These Recycled Paper Lampshades by Ginkgo Studio are now available for purchase online at the Etsy website. These pieces are as much a work of art as they are eco-friendly household items. The lampshades, which are to be hung from the ceiling of a bedroom, kitchen, living room or office space, are made with recycled paper from a variety of different items. The paper used for Ginkgo Studio’s Recycled Paper Lampshades were taken from vintage Dutch comic book strips, sheetmusic and old novels.

What makes these lampshades unique is their do-it-yourself characteristics; you can purchase the lampshades individually and wrap them around any light bulb you choose. It is recommended that the Recycled Paper Lampshades be wrapped around LED lightbulbs so as to reduce heat that could possibly lead to a fire. Each Recycled Paper Lampshade is available for purchase online at the Gingko Studio store on the Etsy website.