The Schlagloch Lampe is Cast from Pavement Craters

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: & designspotter
Although they represent damage and disrepair, cracks in the asphalt of neighborhood streets can become comfortably accepted by locals. The Schlagloch Lampe celebrates the familiarity of such urban blemishes, and even exhibits them as points of focus within the interior design of different rooms.

Hölldobler of Germany is responsible for this unusual hanging light decoration, and his concept behind it is quite poetic. The literal "impact hole" pendant lamps are manufactured by Diefabrik, and are molded with gypsum and arboblend bioplastic from actual cavities and depressions in roads throughout the country.

When one buys a Schlagloch Lampe, it comes with a unique name that designates the street address or intersection from which it came. Symbolic of the "wear and tear of everyday life," these odd objects, painted pristinely white, are actually remarkably appealing.