Established & Sons Corner Light Keeps Walls and Celings Clear

 - May 13, 2011
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When decorating a blank room, you may find it difficult to decide between wall lamps and ceiling lamps, which would make an option like the Established & Sons Corner Light the perfect choice. Efficient for placement in tight spaces with low ceilings, this unique fixture sets off an eccentric aesthetic within a home.

The piece was designed by Peter Bristol, who brilliantly discovered that the perpetually underutilized area at the convergence of walls and ceiling can be exploited my mounting a functional object. The triangular shape of the frosted shade fits nicely between the three planes, beveling the meeting point of the murals and leaving the rest of your enclosing surfaces completely clear and open. Another great feature of the Established & Sons Corner Light is that it requires no electrical, and can be simply plugged into power outlet at the end of its cord.