The Ciconia Light has a Sleek and Slender Look with an Animalistic Twist

 - Mar 21, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Perhaps it's the sleek shape, but the Ciconia Light looks pretty badass. The Ciconia Light was designed by Rainer Bachschmid, whose inspiration for the design came from a stork. Its basic shape actually replicates the beak and body pretty well when it opens at a 45-degree angle. The light itself is made from two curvy, conjoining symmetrical pieces with a stainless steel back. The inside has 30 integrated LED lights on both parts.

Minimalism is starting to become a dominant influence in the creative sphere. The idea of adding layers to a piece of work to make it more complex remains, but most are realizing that the same effect can be applied in basic forms. In this fast-paced society, simplicity doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing intricacy and complexity behind the finished product, and the Ciconia Light is the perfect example.