From Anatomically Correct Wines to Giant Cerebral Fruit Desserts

 - Jun 15, 2013
These peculiar anatomy-themed products were inspired by brains, guts, bones and pretty much everything else that makes up the human body. It's hard to know where this strange obsession with anatomically correct items comes from, but these eerie products were all inspired by the human body.

Many of these products are sugary sweets inspired by gooey and important body parts. Since most people don't have Hannibal Lecter's desire to feast on the human brain, it's hard to imagine eating a cake that looks just like one but they do exist. Tooth-inspired cupcakes are also an existing treat inspired by human anatomy.

There are also a lot of kitchen tools and home decor pieces that have been anatomically inspired, from cushions to fruit bowls.

These creepy anatomy-themed products will definitely make for great conversation starters.