Van Der Lichaam Aromatherapy Packaging is Biologically Branded

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: cargocollective & thedieline
Merely observing the images that compose Van Der Lichaam Aromatherapy packaging may make you wonder about the contents of the little glass flasks. Might they hold the essences of organs such as cranial concoctions and liquid lungs?

Actually, Virginia Holman's Victorian anatomical illustrations mark the tiny bottles as literal suggestions of what they contain. Really, they are perfume combinations made form pairs of fragrances. Each one corresponds to a different physiological benefit, interpreted graphically into specific parts of the body.

The Rosemary and Bergamot cologne is meant to help with mental clarity and is hence labeled with a human brain. The heart-marked Jasmine and Sandalwood was mixed for romance and the Eucalyptus and Lemon blend supposedly helps with respiratory health.