The Bone Appetite Collection Brings New Meaning to Bone China

 - Oct 15, 2011
References: meredithhost & hypeyou
It isn't so much this way for Western culture anymore, but an awareness of death used to come as a side dish next to a serving of freshly hunted meat. While the Bone Appetite collection of crockery does not at least directly reference the remains of butchered animals, it literally pictures different parts of the human skeleton instead.

It may not be that the intention of the artist was to conjure up images of cannibalism, but perhaps it was. An alternative is that it might be a visual pun of the term "bone china." Quite as easily, the peculiar set of plates and bowls might simply have been ornamented with skulls, hands, pelvises and ribcages for no profound reason at all. Bone Appetite tableware by Meredith Host has an intriguing beauty about it, despite of and because of its detailed anatomical sketches.