Helmet Experiments by Igor Mitin are Creative Cranial Caps

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: behance.net & yankodesign
Padded headgear is first and foremost meant to promote safety and protection but there's no reason why the round outer surface can't be treated to its own aesthetic. Helmet Experiments by Igor Mitin include 14 different concepts for truly creative cranial shells that adopt a function beyond structural integrity.

These vespa helmets are easy conversation starters, as each would be bound to get the wearer looks and comments as he rides by. Six of the models are anatomical, with three printed with people's heads, one with an exposed brain, one with a bum and another with a breast. A broken nutshell, a cut watermelon, a bowling ball, golf ball and a tennis ball are some of the others. These Helmet Experiments by Igor Mitin make wearing protective caps all the more appealing.