Sentient Kitchen Assembles Human Organs and Kitchenware

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: & heyhotshot
The Sentient Kitchen series by Christine Chin is ultra-bizarre, like many other creations that unite art and biotechnology.

The Sentient Kitchen line reflects on the evolution of our daily objects becoming ever more intelligent and proposes the "greatest engineering" to be copied for these literally sensitive kitchen accessories: the human body. The titles and the images speak for themselves. Sentient Kitchen proposes the Nostril Mill with an "adjustable sneeze sensitivity," the Shuttling Shakers that are "mobile for dining convenience," the Milk Jug that "dispenses according to stimulus" and many more, like the Perceptive Sugar Jar, the Toothed Tongs, the Sensitive Salter and the Good Listener Teacups.

Upgrading your kitchen with Sentient Kitchen accessories would be a very sensitive move, in a thought-provoking and surreal way, just as Christine Chin imagined.