- Nov 28, 2013
Any camper looking for something practical yet humorous to sleep overnight in is in luck, because these wacky sleeping bags will definitely offer up some eccentric ways to get a good night's rest.

When it comes to roughing it outdoors or simply staying over at a friend's place, having a sleeping bag to snuggle up in is a practical way to have somewhere comfy to sleep at night. But if you're tired of those same old sleeping bag designs, then these wacky sleeper products will definitely give you a good laugh with their over-the-top inspirations and humorous exterior appearances.

From sleeping bags shaped like pizza slices to those that resemble sharks and crocodiles, these wacky designs will definitely make staying elsewhere overnight a much more comical and visually playful experience.

From Chomping Crocodile Cozies to Sleeping Bag Backpacks: