Cocon by Celine Merhand Nestles You in Ultimate Comfort

 - Oct 9, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: super-ette & mocoloco
The Cocon by Celine Merhand is a cocoon chair that closely resembles a sleeping bag armchair.

The Cocon is an armchair with a built-in comforting duvet. It extends over your head for ultimate comfort from head to toe. A zipper runs down the front of the duvet-covered chair makes sure you are nestled in warmth without any way of the cold getting in. The Cocon by Celine Merhand is perfect to snuggle in.

Implications - Businesses that devote their efforts to maximizing the levels of comfort and relaxation their products offer their clients will see large returns. Consumers will likely invest in those products that enable them the most pleasurable experience.