From Steamy Relaxation Recliners to Haute Cosmetic Collections

 - Sep 17, 2013
Sometimes after a stressful and long week, one needs to turn to pampering products to relax. These soothing items can all be purchased for one's home, creating a spa-like atmosphere without having to leave the house. For those living in the lap of luxury or anyone looking to splurge on a singular thing, these opulent innovations are a must see.

A good massage is often a go-to to relax, which is why so many of these pampering products do just that. This can take the form of a comfy hair, an usual looking piece of head gear, a neck support or a machine. Fancy furniture is also popular, such as spa-inspired bedding, beautifully designed bathtubs, at home saunas and tranquility-inducing hammocks. High end cosmetics are another way to go, like perfumes and hair treatments.