The Soft Sound Speakers are Perfect for Watching TV in Bed

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: brookstone & gizmodiva
For people who enjoy staying up late to watch television or to listen to music, the perfect invention has hit the market: pillow speakers. These creations provide late-night TV watchers with small speakers embedded directly into their pillow that provide crystal clear sound. In fact, the Soft Sound speaker from Brookstone is so finely tuned that the user can watch their favorite show without disturbing their partner, making it the perfect invention for both TV addictions and marital bliss.

The Soft Sound speakers are encased inside a supportive Biosense memory foam pillow with a Better Than Down cover, creating a soft and cozy way to watch television. The pillow even comes with a remote that can control its volume, so that users can avoid waking their partner at all costs.

If this weren't already the perfect sleeping accessory, the Soft Sound speakers also come equipped with a sleeping timer. Its alarm can be set to wake up the user at different times, eliminating the hassle of having to set an alarm on a clock or a phone.

With the Soft Sound pillow speakers, TV and music junkies can watch and listen to their favorite creations in complete comfort and relaxation.