Sleep and Stand in Your MusucBag Sleeping Bag

 - Oct 25, 2010
References: musucbag & techyzone
The MusucBag Sleeping Bag looks like the brand new cousin to the Snuggie! This kick-ass sleeping bag lets you sleep and stand all in one cozy, toasty shell, making it ultra convenient for those short camping trips.

Designed as a full body suit, the MusucBag allows you to get up and move around. Whether you're camping out or resting at home, the MusucBag will keep you warm and snug wherever you go.

Implications - xx
And hey, if you're really daring, you could wear the MusucBag to work or class, ensuring your place as talk of the town while keeping you warm. Forget fireplaces on cold winter nights, snuggle with your standing sleeping bag and you will almost forget it's snowing outside!