Stay Snuggly in The Napsack While Resting & Being On-the-Go

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: polerstuff & core77
Getting out of the covers to be exposed to the cold of the morning is unbearable, especially when it involves camping outdoors; however, The Napsack aims to make things more comfortable.

Poler Stuff's The Napsack is basically a wearable sleeping bag that's similar to a Snuggie, but for campers. While there are similar creations on the market, most tend to be bulky, which can make mobility challenging. The Napsack has a much freer design with zippers on the side for arms to move freely and a cinch at the bottom for the legs to move unobstructed. The Napsack constructed from soft Microfiber body that's durable and warm, and there's even a hoodie at the top for the head.

Whether it's used for the outdoors or the home, The Napsack is perfect for those who want to stay warm and snug at all times.