Get Cozy in the Bowels of the Vicious Alligator Sleeping Bag

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: amazon & gadgetsmatrix
Not actually vicious, the Palligator is an alligator sleeping bag that wants to eat you up, but has no teeth with which to chew you.

It does have plenty of cozy cushioning and space for your entire body to fit inside and cuddle up for a good night of restful slumber. Make camping in the wilderness a bit more exciting by bringing along the Palligator that is both a carnivorous creature and your friend who hugs you with its body.

Kids get a thrill and adults can pretend to be kids again for just a night when they sleep with the fun and furry Palligator, an alligator sleeping bag that is brought to you by PatchTogether, the creator of Chumbuddy.