Transform Your Sleeping Bag into a Jacket with The Doppelganger

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: japantrendshop & chipchick
As far as camping essentials go, the Doppelganger Outdoors Wearable Sleeping Bag should definitely be packed for your next trip.

This is no ordinary sleeping bag -- it is a transformer and can be transformed into a jacket or long coat. It comes with detachable parts that can easily be put back together with the zippers. The short jacket option is perfect for hiking; it comes with a hood in case of rain. However, if you’re sitting by the campfire and want to keep your legs warm and mosquitoes out, zipping up more fabric to create a longer coat that reaches almost to your ankles is definitely doable. Finally, as it’s always colder sleeping outdoors in tents, the Doppleganger comes with parts to cover your feet and hands, keeping you super toasty and comfortable through the night.

To give you variety, this sleeping bag is sold in a variety of colors. Not only does this add some color to your wardrobe, it’s also an easy way to keep track of the separate parts.

So the next time your friends are trying to make everything fit in their cars, show them efficient and space-friendly you are with the wearable sleeping bag.