The Sleep Suit was Designed for Hourly Dozing

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: forrestjessee & archdaily
When Buckminster Fuller first put forth his proposal for adopting Dymaxion Sleeping cycles, most people paid little notice. A couple generations later, it's utterly amusing to consider this fantastic Sleep Suit concept. It was inspired by the same prescribed system of taking frequent 30 minute naps over the course of 24 hours.

In order to accommodate such an unusual daily routine, Forrest Jessee developed this eccentric piece of pleated apparel as a sort of sleeping bag that makes keeling over comfortable in just about any situation. A wide mesh of laser-cut EVA foam pieces composes the prototype for the Sleep Suit, enabling the wearer to see, hear, breath and eat, but providing sufficient cushioning should she take a siesta at her desk or even on a flight of stairs.