- Jan 23, 2013
Psychedelic design is one that is used immensely within the art community. It is fairly usual to see psychedelic illustrations, paintings and art forms of all kinds in artist portfolios, murals and digital illustrations that are showcased. However, it is a form of design that people are mostly used to admiring from the outside.

Recently, psychedelic designs have made their way into people's homes. Furniture designers are increasingly using psychedelic patterns and kaleidoscopic designs on sofas, lamps and even bathtubs!

The design form is of a beautiful and stimulating visual realm that is unfortunately ostracized by many. Therefore it is encouraging to see that the psychedelic culture is becoming more integrated into the everyday lives of humans through decor. The fungi shaping, variegated coloring and the luminescent all work to create gorgeous furniture pieces.

From Psychedelic Seating to Psychedelic Cabinets: